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Practice Website Privacy Information Posted on 23 May 2018

Practice Website Privacy Information

The Practice Website is provided by Neighbourhood direct Ltd (a member of Oldroyd Publishing Group Limited) in partnership with Myria Limited and uses the GP Fusion GP Website system.


The Practice Website is https-secured, which means communication between the user's web browser and the server hosting the website are encrypted and cannot be intercepted en-route.  It also means a padlock icon is visable in the browser bar.

Friends and Familly Test

Any information supplied via our Friends & Family test form is stored securely and accessed securely by designated Practice Staff.  The information is submitted by patients and used for quality monitoring purposes, in line with the expectations of the patients submitting the feedback.  The form does not request personal information.  Data entered via the FFT form is kept for as long as the site is active unless it is deleted by a site administrator.  Any personal information transmitted via this form may be anonymised by the practice if this is required to ensure compliance with Data Protection legislation

Server Logs

The Web Server hosting our Practice Website automatically collects Audit logs of Website usage.  These logs include IP addresses of Website users.  Web Server logs are used to monitor, measure, analyse, improve and troubleshoot services only.  They are not published or passed to any third parties, and are solely to maintain service quality.  Audit logs are kept for 6 months and are automatically deleted.


Our Practice Website includes activity tracking via Google Analytics.  Google anonymises the user activity data and does not store IP addresses.


Our Website 'Usage of Cookies' page contains information about cookies used by our website, including those placed by Google to provide accurate analytics.  this page also provides details of how to block cookies if required

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Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away!